Lana Throws a Fit After RAW

– As previously reported, the Bobby Lashley/Lana wedding took place last night on Raw. However, the wedding was interrupted both by Liv Morgan, who claimed to be Lana’s ex-girlfriend, and Lana’s “ex-husband,” Rusev, who popped out of the wedding cake and attacked Bobby Lashley. Liv Morgan then smashed Lana into what was left of the wedding cake. WWE released more footage of what happened after Raw went off the air, which you can see below.
The footage shows Lana throwing a fit while covered in the cake debris. Meanwhile, Liv Morgan and Rusev are standing tall over Lana. Lana then starts playing to the crowd and throwing out pieces of the broken wedding cake. Liv and Rusev then walk out of the ring as an angry Lana screams unintelligibly at them.
Per PWInsider, the identity of the man portraying Lana’s first “ex-husband” was EJ Risk, who wrestles for Create A Pro Wrestling in the New York City area. The role of Lashley’s ex-wife was Karissa Rivera, who has previously worked in an enhancement talent role for Smackdown and NXT.
Additionally, other Create A Pro regulars appeared in the segment as wedding guests. Meanwhile, the officiant for the wedding was portrayed by a local actor.Click Here: rose toy sucking

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