Enzo Amore and Big Cass Confirm They Were Hired by ROH for G1 Supercard

Enzo Amore and Big Cass spoke on Talk is Jericho about their appearance at ROH G1 Supercard and how the company “ghosted” them after. The two made headlines during a busy WrestleMania weekend when they jumped the guardrail after a match and got into a brawl with Bully Ray and the Briscoes, among others.
The two told Jericho that there were plans to use them at War of the Worlds 2019, but that they ended up being unable to get ROH to contact them back after the appearance. Highlights and the audio are below:
Cass on being contacted for the G1 Supercard appearance: “So yeah, Enzo on a random day gets a phone call from somebody that works under the Sinclair Broadcasting umbrella, and then he calls me and says ‘Hey, are you in?’”
Enzo on being called by Sinclair: “Someone from Sinclair called me, not Cass. From Sinclair, someone from Sinclair. That being said, they had no idea that Cass and me were friends. Everyone in the world to this point thought me and Cass didn’t talk. And when me and Cass started talking again, we didn’t tell anyone. So then that was when I got that phone call about Madison Square Garden. If you think I didn’t show up to Survivor Series [in November 2018] to plant a seed to get me back into the ring one day — whether that be two years from now or two weeks from now, I was setting a tone for what I wanted to do if I ever came back. And that was to let the world know, I’m crazy enough to show up anywhere.”
Cass on ROH not contacting them after: “We got f**king ghosted. I cut a promo on the Briscoes on Twitter a few weeks after, because I was shoot hot. Because the person that we were in contact with, we didn’t get a text that said ‘Good job, thank you,’ nothing. And they didn’t answer our texts. Yeah, completely f**king ghosted. So it’s like, I would have just wanted a thank you. Because we went out there and there were six other people in that match, very formidable dudes. It’s like, guys that could — it could have been an eight-on-two asskicking. We put our f**king lives on the line for that, we didn’t even get a goddamned thank you. That’s what pissed me off the most. We could have been — because they [in the ring] didn’t know what was going on. So they could have beat the s**t out of us, six on two.”
Enzo on how many people in the company knew about it: “I gotta tell you, this is a shoot, Chris. There were three people in the whole company of Sinclair and the guys on the roster, Ring of Honor, that knew that was happening. Three total people. And security thought it was a part of the show, and they were not smartened up. So that should have been broken up way sooner.”
Cass on being angry over it: “So what got me really angry was, Enzo and Cass trended #1 worldwide on Twitter, okay? Now, we trended #1 worldwide over the WWE Hall of Fame, over Bret Hart getting attacked, over the G1 Supercard itself and the NCAA Final Four. We trended #1 worldwide for however long it was, okay? And our segment wasn’t even broadcasted. By word of mouth and fan-shot video, we trended #1 worldwide over all those things. I don’t understand how a few fans complaining on Twitter could cause someone could be like, ‘Nah, let’s not use them.’”
Cass on what was supposed to happen after: “Our next appearance that was scheduled, I’ll say it, was we were supposed to be at the next show in Chicago [War of the Worlds]. That was our next appearance. Got ghosted, then I saw pictures from that event, and I don’t know, attendance seemed like it wasn’t very good for them. So I was just like, I was kind of mad. It was mind-blowing to me why we got ghosted and why we never got brought back.”
Enzo on why he thinks they weren’t brought back: “I think people’s feelings genuinely got hurt. I think they genuinely got hurt. Which to me, I’m working, bro.”Click Here: Paris Saint-Germain FC Jersey Sale

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