Salt Bae backlash and ‘Mange tout, Cillian!’ It’s Comments of the Week

IT’S THAT time of the week when we all get to clap each other the back.

Like the rest of us, Dave Murray liked the good old days when Wolfsburg selected their manager by nominative determinism.

Joe Kennedy has some ideas about golf rules he’d like to share. BIG IDEAS!

Nobody wasn’t impressed by Luis Guillorme’s ice cold catch when a baseball bat flew his way. That’s the sort of viral vid Tony O’Dwyer can get on board with.

Ciara Baines simply shook her head at those marvellous Crystal Palace fans who vandalised their own club’s bus.

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Rodrigo Tosi has hit the ground running in Limerick and Blue Marigold is ready to welcome him to the neighbourhood with a guided tour.

Bienvenue a Poland, Cillian Sheridan, love Pappy O’Daniel

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