AEW’s Trademarking of the AEW Name Denied

It appears AEW was denied on a trademark application. PWInsider reports that AEW’s trademark application for the term “All Elite Wrestling” was given an initial refusal. Per the report, All Elite Wrestling will have to amend its classification and identification of “Goods and Services.” This is because some identifications for the trademarks that were provided by AEW need some clarification.
Additionally, the USPTO said that the trademarks all need to pay a proper fee. The report goes on to state that All Elite Wrestling put in for 13 classes, but the organization only paid for nine. Another issue is that All Elite Wrestling has to submit a disclaimer because All Elite Wrestling is not claiming the exclusive right to use the word “wrestling.”
Also, AEW’s applications for the acronym “AEW,” the All Elite Wrestling logo and the “Change the Universe” trademarks were given initial refusals for the same “amending of classification and Identification of Goods and Services,” along with paying the proper aforementioned fee.
Another trademark that received an initial refusal was “AEW All Out.” This was due to two other pending active applications that also use the term “All Out.” If they are successfully registered, it could affect the registration for All Elite Wrestling’s own application.Click Here: Rugby Shirts

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