Being the Elite Celebrates Christmas With Young Bucks & SCU Christmas Dinner

A new episode of Being the Elite is now online, which focuses on the aftermath of last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite. It begins with the annual SCU/Young Bucks Christmas dinner, which the Bucks hinted at during their Dynamite interview. Here’s a recap:
– SCU try to cheer up the Bucks during their dinner after they defeated them on Dynamite. Things get a little heated when the champs are revealed to be wearing their belts. They also make Daniels leave even though he didn’t do anything. He insults the cooking and that leads to a fight with obviously fake worked punches, a reference to what happened last week.
– The Bucks are then shown hanging out with Kenny Omega, talking about life on the road and booking Dynamite. Omega makes fun of them for making his match commercial-free to counter-program against WWE. Tony Khan is also shown to be standing there.
– Michael Nakazawa works with Justin Roberts on announcing.
– Hangman Page looks for Kenny Omega, while drunk, after accidentally hitting him on Dynamite. He meets up with Riho and Darby Allin while looking. When he finally get a chance to talk to Omega, he passes out.
– The Bucks say they should have booked themselves to win the titles. Daniels questions whether he has it or not anymore.
– Kris Statlander makes coffee. When asked by the Best Friends if she likes aliens, she says she is one. She asks them to take her to their leader and Orange Cassidy walks up. She tries to boop his nose, but he stops her and does the same to her. They walk off together.
– Matt Jackson is shown recuperating after the Dark Order’s attack on Monday. Kenny thinks they should take care of the Dark Order before they get out of control. Michael Nakazawa wants a match with PAC but Omega says they should ignore PAC so he’ll go away.
– John Reynolds doesn’t agree with the Dark Order’s attack but Alex Reynolds says to trust Evil Uno. Meanwhile, someone is shown washing blood off their hands in a sink before ditching their creeper mask.Click Here: cheap soccer tracksuits

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