Baron Corbin Takes Shots at Internet Fans Over AEW Jericho Win

Baron Corbin took a shot across the wrestling lines after last night’s All Out, firing at the “dumb smarks” who champion AEW. As you can see in the below screenshots, Corbin posted a comment on an Instagram post which was questioning the wisdom of Chris Jericho, who is 49, winning the AEW World Championship when WWE garners criticism for putting their older talent on top.
In response to that post, Corbin said, “All of these smarks have hated everything we do and complained about every detail that now they are forced to love everything these guys do even when it shows how dumb they really are.”

Jericho defeated Adam Page to win the championship in the main event of last night’s show.
VCR Was Right
Big Breakfast @BaronCorbinWWE has no fear. Long live the King.
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