These Argentinian clubs engaged in an energy-sapping 34-second scrum


Source: sictvoficial/YouTube

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If it’s allowed run its course before a referee’s whistle gets involved. Your average scrum in rugby will take somewhere between three and eight seconds from when the ball is fed in to when it comes out or the scrum turns in to something else. If it’s really competitive (won against the head for example) you might wait for as long as 15 seconds, but the above clip from Argentinian club rugby is ridiculous.

The packs of San Isidro and Regattas get themselves deadlocked, both sets of front-rowers unwilling or unable to budge an inch.

In the first scrum, 16 second pass before SIC begin their march forward. The second scrum lasts a neck-crunching 34 seconds, leaving the scrum-half time to run back to the club house and make a cup of tea, drink it and put the kettle on again before coming back to find his team on the front foot.

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