World Rugby CEO Gilpin opens up about tackle debate

World Rugby CEO Alan Gilpin says laws lowering tackle height in the professional game are not inevitable but more consultation is necessary to avoid the firestorm the issue has generated in England.The newly formed Community Clubs Union in England is looking at mustering enough support to force an extraordinary general meeting of the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and trigger a vote of no confidence in the board and its chief executive Bill Sweeney.HSBC SYDNEY SEVENS TICKET FINAL RELEASE: GET YOUR TICKETS TO RUGBY’S BIGGEST PARTY NOW!The RFU on Friday apologised for its handling of a decision to ban tackling above the waist in community rugby from next season."We fully acknowledge we got the engagement wrong and we are truly sorry," the RFU said.Asked at the Sydney Sevens tournament on Saturday about the unrest, Gilpin said "Those situations are always concerning. "You'd like to think the right level of dialogue now between the community game and the RFU will allow common-sense to prevail."What we've recognised is that at the elite level of the game we've got an environment that is very different to the community game. "The medical provisions, the technology we can use with players."Gilpin said he was surprised by the level of push-back in England to the proposed amendments."That's about how you communicate the message and land the message, and how you take people with you and consult in advance of announcing those changes," he said. GilpIn revealed the international governing body had already held discussions with Rugby Australia about the issue of tackle height."Australia is such an important market to us in the next 10 years because of the opportunities that are here, and Rugby Australia – like others – are absolutely committed to working with us … on tackle height and other safety initiatives," he said."It's about taking the time that's necessary. Yes, we've got to move quickly, because once you know – as we know in the sport – that lowering the tackle height is going to make the game safer, you can't un-know that fact."But it's about balancing that with taking the time to consult with all parts of the game, so that when you make those decisions you're taking everyone with you. "If you're not, we're not going to be successful in implementing that change anyway."Gilpin said he did not think it was "inevitable" tackle height would be lowered from the shoulder in the professional game ."Our approach in the elite game is to use coaching intervention and sanctions to try and drive behavioural change."Players are already understanding they need to lower the tackle height at the elite level of the game in order to reduce head contact. "Whether we need to make rule changes to drive that is an area we're working pretty hard to understand."Click Here: Highlanders Jersey

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