Nathalie Boy de la Tour hits out at certain Ligue 1 presidents for the “testosterone” filled response to 2019/20 season cancellation

Speaking in a press conference this afternoon, LFP President Nathalie Boy de la Tour hit out at certain Ligue 1 presidents who have in recent hours jockeyed to try to find ways of completing the 2019/20 season anyway, despite the French government announcement that the season could not be picked up again, which occurred on Tuesday.

“We have found it do be quite indecent, the cacophony, when we are talking about 20,000 deaths in France (owing to COVID-19). You know, we are in a world where there is a lot of testosterone, lots of ideas, sporting tensions, a desire to do things, to contribute to the collective debate. There were some slightly tense moments. I hope that things from now on are going to be clearer.”

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“We have inventive types in professional football, presidents with lots of ideas, ego. We have a governing body that is not in its rightful position, that is something I am taking from this. We need a governing body that is more compact, one unified club union, to simplify our rules, that is work that we must undertake.”

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