Andy Delort trashes Leandro Paredes: “He is Neymar’s bodyguard.”

Speaking on RMC last night, Montpellier striker Andy Delort continued his beef with PSG midfielder Leandro Paredes.

“The worst is Paredes. He is incredible. Impressively so. And yet, he is no Neymar or Mbappé… That is what I said the last time, when we played at home against them. We basically dominated the entire match. At one moment, they came to within one metre of Neymar, during the match, and they were repeating passes to try to banter us off. So I talk a bit, I get a bit heated with Neymar and he (Paredes) comes, as if he was his bodyguard. He speaks, he insults, he insulted everyone when he came on. I don’t understand this guy… that is why I asked who the hell he was. He is a great player, but he is no Neymar or Mbappé.”

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