Thiago Silva on Neymar’s future: “I cannot handle this anymore.”

Speaking in an interview with RMC, Brazilian central defender Thiago Silva discussed the ongoing suspense surrounding PSG team-mate Neymar’s future.

“Neymar is an indispensable player for any team. He was at Barça, now he is ours. This is a specific problem between the player and the club. We cannot get involved. In my head, I hope that he stays. Yes that is what I have said to him already. It is difficult to say to him all the time: “You stay, you stay…” I do not know exactly what is going on between him and the club. I honestly hope that the window is almost over because I cannot handle this anymore.”

On fan anger at Neymar:

It is difficult to speak about this situation. The supporters can think of something in one way. But they think a lot with their heart. I believe that if Neymar comes back and starts to help the club and plays like he did last year, at the end of the season, we are all going to be happy, especially the fans. That is why I say that he must stay. He can still help us a lot. If he leaves, it will be difficult for us. He would go and strengthen a team that has the same aim as us. For me, that is not good.

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